Al-Bashair Academy


The objective of our school is to develop an interest among participating students to learn Arabic and to increase their language skills in; listening, speaking, reading and writing in a fun and creative way.

We provide fun-fill program in a nurturing Islamic environment. Therefore, our program takes into consideration and promoting Islamic values of Self-confident, Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and healthy children in our program activities.


No prior knowledge of Arabic is required.  All students are given an initial assessment on their registration day and grouped in different classes according to ability and age. Arabic speakers and Non-Arabic Speakers are mixed and all students follow the same course of study; however, the Non-Arabic Speakers are given extra support such as providing English translation of instructions.

All Students will have a weekly assignment to do at home. Parents will receive weekly updates of material taught in class, link(s) to available resources and opportunity to communicate with instructors via e-mails to follow up with their child(ren) progress in class. All students  will receive report card at the end of each term.


In each class a number of textbooks are used along with a variety of secondary resources. Students will use Arabic Book series that are developed especially for children living in the West.

Each level of the Arabic book series appears in two parts: Reading and Comprehension textbook, and Exercise book.

The books gradually teach students the Arabic language through rich contents that relates to them and their Arabic / Islamic culture. The books are are suitable to for modern times, and liked and desired by students. At the end of each book there is a fun, interesting, and useful story that encourages the students to read.

Students are encouraged weekly to borrow a story based on their reading level to read at home from our school library. We also have some stories that are in a pdf format and can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or tablet.



All students are introduced to the concepts of belief (Aqeedah), Islamic manners (Adaab) with reference to the Qur’an and the teaching (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Beginner’s and intermediate classes will focus on building a solid knowledge base of the beliefs, values and traditions in Islam. Students in advance and higher classes are given the opportunity to identify, investigate and respond to the fundamental questions around the purpose of life …etc.

All students will have the opportunity to learn reading from the Qur’an at their own pace. Students who have a stronger comprehension of the Qur’an will be memorizing surah at their own pace.