About Al-Bashair Academy

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Assalamu Alykum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh                              & Welcome to our school,  

Al-Bashair Academy offers a progressive Arabic language program for Arabic speaking and non-Arabic speaking children, small sized classes, qualified instructors, theme and project-based learning. This makes Al-Bashair Academy a refreshing alternative from the traditional weekend Arabic & Islamic school.

Our mission is to make learning ARABIC; a simple, fun, and beneficial experience.

Our young learners will have the opportunity to work together and strengthen their bonds as one community.

Our school is independent in nature and does not promote any particular school of thought. Apart from lessons we arrange term-competitions and field trips during the school year.

Al-Bashair Academy is part of Ajyal for Youth Development Society, a Vancouver-based non-for-profit society founded in 2005. Ajyal offers a diverse range of educational, recreational and social services, including: conferences, workshops, tutoring, and camps.

Ali Haidar, Director

Al-Bashair Academy